Meditation with friends.

Live, collective, guided, video chat meditation sessions. Meditate with friends, virtually, from all over the world, even during Covid-19 isolation.

Group Meditation

Live, collective meditation sessions with friends and family. Experience live gallery view of all the participants.

Guided Session Video Library

Follow along with a library of guided meditation sessions. All the pariticipants are muted as meditation is going on.

Live Video Chat

Video chat tailored for meditation. Perform an immediate reflection session with friends.

Guided Meditation

Our Sanga

"With Satsanga I am able to meditate with my brothers and sisters who live thousands of miles away. Satsanga was our savior during the lockdown for Corona virus."

Sarah Kline
Sarah Kline
San Francisco, California

"The collection of guided meditation sessions with Satsanga offers an amazing range of instructors who I never knew existed. It is like a box of chocolate full of sweetness."

Shawna Murray
Shawna Murray
Naples, Italy

"Ability to reflect immediately after the meditation sessions with my friends is an amazing feeling. It allows me to go deeper in my practice and it keeps me motivated."

Blake Elder
Blake Elder
Rishikesh, India

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